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residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area


We provide a wide range of complete solutions, and guarantee our work will top quality, completed in a timely, professional fashion.


Our flexibility allows for round-the-clock contact, allowing you to stay connected with us, and the status of work, by both email and phone.


Services are offered anywhere - enabling flexibility in your schedule. Drop off your products for maintenance at our location, or we can provide support on-site.


Feel free to contact us for further inquires on our products.

Complete solutions

We offer complete solutions for a wide range of both services and devices. Contact us for more details.

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Being registered resellers of the largest distributors in the world means you receive products for the lowest prices.

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services offered

If you do not see what you require, get in touch with us.
Our services are not limited to what you see here!

Desktops / Laptops / Phones

Desktop not turning on? Spilled water in your laptop? Dropped your phone?
We offer an extensive range of services for your personal devices. We are responsible for troubleshooting the issues and conveying the information to you in a clear and concise manner, and you have the flexibility of choosing your next steps, whether it is replacing or repairing the device.

Setting up your home and work network

We can design and construct a logical and organized network structure for you, ranging anywhere from your family members to your entire building worth of employees. We can configure your devices, and keep users informed on how to utilize both their software and hardware.

Reorganizing and upgrading your environment

While your business develops day by day, so does technology - advancing at a rapid rate these years, it's easy to get confused with all of the new devices and equipment coming into your work environment. We can introduce a plethora of new technologies, opening new possibilities for anybody. We upgrade your workplace in various ways, ranging from something as simple as installing network jacks to allow for faster and more reliable internet connection, to providing optimal devices for every individual, increasing efficiency and productivity.